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LT.SB11976 LT.SB11987 LT.SB12350 LT.SB239 LT.SB251 LT.SB12338 LT.SB249
LT.SB252 LT.SB12336 LT.SB227 LT.SB225 LT.SB326 LT.11985 LT12001 SB11994
SB11978 SB220 SB246 SB241 LT12074 LT3022 LT12027 LT11980
LT.SB11984 LT.SB240 LT.SB252 LT.SB12071 SB226 LT12340 SB212 LT12337
SB258 SB329 LT.SB12003 SB222

  *Note:  The above pictures with the item numbers prefixed with LT.SB are the bags available in both little totes and the shoulder bags. The item numbers prefixed with LT are only available in little totes and with SB are only available in shoulder bags.